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Rooms to let Alexandra Studios


When the present meets the past, the future is just a continuation. Vasiliko lived in other situations of reality in this area, but with values similar to the current owners who are the grandchildren.

These core values are:
Recognition, respect, gratitude, faith, love do this house in which will stay for a while, something different.

The positive aura is perhaps an opportunity to meet, your Royal existence.

Rooms to let Alexandra Studios


Through the narrow streets of Plaka pops the old building of Vasiliko harmoniously combined with the new environment of our time maintaining a sense of tradition and value authenticity.

Now please find the combination of modern lifestyle and traditional instruments through our fully equipped and renovated rooms which offered to you to make your vacations in Milos more enchanting.


Plaka - Milos

Our studios are located near the center of Plaka, there you can visit the archaeological and folklore museum, the Catholic Church Rosaria, and you can also see one of the oldest Epitaphioi somewhere on the 7th century. Very close to our studios are also located the ancient theater and the catacombs.